WorkUP Fitness will be broadcasting LIVE throughout the year onsite at partner events and at our physical location. We have partnered with Illinois Media School to bring you the action as it unfolds! Don't miss our next broadcast!

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Live Broadcast

Get ready, soon we begin installation of phase one which is our kids course for the little ninjas! Enter our newsletter to receive notifications as we continue to bring WorkUP Fitness to life!

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Coming Soon

WorkUP Fitness firmly believes in working up to our goals together! If you feel your company or brand is a good fit, make sure to send us an email. We look forward to connecting with you soon.

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Partners & Sponsors

Click here to access promo codes for some awesome events hosted by our partners and sponsors! You don't want to miss these events!

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Who We Are

Do you ever say to yourself "I bet you I could do that" when watching NBC's hit TV show American Ninja Warrior? Soon you will be able to answer those questions!

WorkUP Fitness is a structured indoor obstacle course designed for fitness professionals and beginners alike. Get ready to experience what it is like to train and compete on obstacles themed from the popular show American Ninja Warrior. We are launching our kids course first and then will continue to build out the adults course throughout the rest of the year. Our adult courses will be fully equipped with awesome obstacles, lane timers and a camera system strategically placed throughout the course to capture you in action! Instantly after completing our course you can access the footage from your phone and easily edit, save and share your experience!

Register for our newsletter as we will be releasing information about upcoming installation and launch dates for 2018! Get ready to #WorkUPTogether!

Our offerings will include but are not limited to:

  • Monthly Memberships / Passes
  • Recreational Use (Included in monthly membership)
  • Training Programs / Classes (Included in monthly membership)
  • Party Reservations

  • As we expand so will our offerings, make sure to follow us on social media as we continue to bring our vision to life!

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